Credit Card Tips to Maximize Benefits

Credit card is now becoming a common tool for everyone that almost anybody can apply and get one.

Sometimes, we often miss out that it requires discipline and responsibility in managing your credit card to avoid getting deep into debt.

You just need to make sure that you take time to know how you can use your credit card to your advantage.

I will be sharing with you some credit card tips that can help you maximize the benefits you have with your credit card. Here are 3 tips that you can use:

  1. Use your card as often but pay them in full

Most credit card nowadays include a point system. You actually earn points every time you use your ocbc credit card and these points can be used to purchase other products or services. There are even credit card companies who offer points to be used for bookings and travel. Consistently using your card may accumulate debt so you will need to ensure that you monitor your transactions. Use your card to the capacity which you can pay in full to avoid debt accumulation.

  1. Enroll your credit card for bills payment

Enrolling your card for bills payment transaction helps you ease yourself from necessary tasks. It saves you time from having to visit a bank or a payment facility to pay your bills. Most transactions nowadays involve online payment facility and can allow you to create scheduled payments online. Besides, it’s one way of getting yourself to earn points especially if there’s nothing you need to buy using your credit card.

  1. Use it to pay in installments

There are certain merchants whom we would like to deal with but do not offer installment payments for the purchase of the product. Having a credit card can help you. You can either make use of the revolving credit and creating your own monthly amortization payment on the purchase. Be sure to compute as you may incur high interest charges on this and other finance charges. But always keep in mind that you should have enough cash to pay for your credit card in full if needed.